Big Ass Approach to Lighting

Here’s a brilliant idea: Get Big Ass Light’s state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LEDs and unmatched service that guides your lighting project from beginning to end.

How do we do it? Two words: No middlemen.

Other lighting fixtures travel through so many hands that you receive a cheaply produced, inferior product and a headache keeping track of all the players. And if you plan to upgrade facilities in more than one location, now you’re dealing with multiple regional sales managers who can’t coordinate on pricing, let alone on logistics, installation, quality control and rebates.

Big Ass Light works directly with you from start to finish, ensuring you receive project management guidance every step of the way. Our talented team does it all, from initial contact and 3D modeling of your facilities on through to installation and our comprehensive rebate servicing. Through it all, we manage all the planning and logistics to keep projects on track. Our detailed service keeps costly installation downtime to a minimum and your ultimate satisfaction at a maximum.

“We have installed your lighting, and I was so surprised at the amount of light they produced.”

Steven Winegardner, Pastor, Dyersburg First Assembly of God

Big Ass Light’s lineup of LED fixtures combines precision engineering with top-quality materials. Their durable extruded aluminum housing is built for challenging environments and with a thermodynamic design that quickly dissipates heat to ensure the LEDs last longer. In fact, the LEDs are predicted to maintain at least 70 percent of their initial output for 150,000 hours. A patent-pending lumen maintenance tray allows for easy cleaning and optimal light distribution. The fixture is also designed to be the last you’ll ever buy, as the components can be easily swapped out in the future. Big Ass Light is certified to UL and CSA standards.

We’re so confident Big Ass Light LEDs are the perfect answer to your lighting needs that we will let you try our fixtures free for 60 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, send them back with no questions asked. Once you see the difference our brilliant LEDs make, nothing less will do.
Big Ass Light, there’s just No Equal.