Big Ass Approach to Lighting

Buy Direct — No middleman

Need more lights? Why not buy them from the people who make them? We work directly with our customers, from project conception to completion and beyond, providing customized layouts, turnkey installation, and free rebate administration. In the unlikely chance you have a problem after installation, we’ll send an immediate replacement to keep your facility fully lit while we fix your fixture.

How We Do Things

The Big Ass Way

How the Other Guys Do It

The Ridiculously Hard, Complicated Way

Turnkey Solutions


With the first call, we establish your lighting needs and priorities, from brighter light and reduced maintenance to energy savings. Then we get the necessary information in order to send one of our outside reps to the site to perform a lighting survey.

Lighting Survey

On our first site visit we gather detailed measurements that include all racks, aisles and large equipment. Existing light fixtures are plotted in relation to interior objects. We also note the work done in each area. Last, we gather information to run energy calculations such as Usage Rate and Operating Hours.


Our engineering department uses the data collected during the Lighting Survey to build a 3D model of your building, thus eliminating all guesswork. The model helps us identify efficiencies and deficiencies in your current lighting and means you’ll get the most efficient, cost-effective recommendation.


Our comprehensive lighting proposal demonstrates all of the following: annual energy savings, maintenance savings, forecasted savings, ROI, carbon savings, cost of delay, and even estimated eligible rebates/incentives.

Project Management

We assign a Project Manager to make sure the entire installation runs smoothly. It’s not our goal simply to sell lights; we want to build a relationship that lasts long after they’re installed. We guarantee our lights will meet the designed specs that our engineers created. If not, we‘ll provide the needed fixtures at no additional cost.

  • “The customer service I received was top-notch. They got back to me the same day, and the next day they had sent a new part. I didn't have to jump through any hoops.” – Debbie F.
  • “I love the Big Ass High Bay LEDs. You can tell what a huge difference the fixtures make – it’s real easy to see. They are so much brighter than the dim fluorescent lights, and we save a lot on our operating costs, too.” - Danny Allen, Vice President of Operations, M3 Productions
  • "Big Ass Lights are the best energy control and illumination for any commercial or industrial building that I have seen in the 25 years of the electrical craft." - Wayne Q.
  • "I will definitely recommend and use these lights again. They’re a superior product.” - Mike A.

Customer Service You'll Enjoy

Rebate Management: Our rebate administration team will evaluate all rebate options for you from national offerings down to your local utility, and we’ll do it free of charge. Learn more here.

Post-purchase Relationship: After the last light is turned on, our Customer Advocacy team maintains contact to make sure you stay happy with our products through the life of the product.

Talk to an Expert

Contact our Big Ass Light experts to get started with your free consultation. Give us a call at 877-244-3267 (8am – 5pm EST), or fill out our form.