The Big Ass Approach to Lighting

Our lighting engineers use 3D photometric modeling software to understand your current situation, establish design criteria for each section of your building and identify the most
effective solutions. Our process is designed to provide you with the highest quality lighting solution available.


On our initial site visit we gather detailed measurements of your building. All racks, aisles and large pieces of equipment are inventoried, measured and plotted. All existing light fixtures are inventoried and plotted in relation to interior objects. During this stage we also establish a design criteria which is defined by the types of work performed in each section of your building.


The data we collect during the measurement stage is used by our engineering department to build a 3D model of your building. This model indicates how existing fixtures disperse light, the effect of interior objects and it will help us identify both efficiencies and deficiencies in your current lighting system.


Based on our established design criteria we run multiple models of your facility using the most efficient lighting products available. The most efficient and cost effective models which satisfy our design criteria are forwarded to our rebate administration and proposal departments.

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